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Okay then, you have ticked off the pre-start checklist and we are all clear to go. Look out it’s hammers, gyprock and steel time. This is when you get your first delivery of materials and it’s usually steel stud and gyprock board, and you will see massive changes to your once open f loor plan office as wall frames quickly get constructed.

Wall frames are installed, walls are sheeted, and tradesmen on-site are busy.

It’s ACTION Time!

Leave it a bit later and you’re in trouble. Once the wall frames have been sheeted and services like electrical and plumbing have been roughed in or fitted off - you have an expensive problem. You now also need to remember that your office is now a building site and so be careful when you enter the site. There will be materials stacked in odd places, plastic on the floor which gets slippery if wet or if not taped down correctly becomes a trip hazard. There will be tradesmen with sharp tools so be safety conscious and follow all signs and directions. Things you can do to have a safe visit are:

  • Wear covered shoes.
  • Use a high visibility vest.
  • Respect that the guys are working and stay clear of the work area.
  • Ensure that any staff members abide by the same rules.

Fitout happens quite quickly – generally all materials are available ‘off the shelf’ so a lot of work can be completed in a short space of time.

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