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Do you remember what happened last week? I mean do you ”really” remember everything that happened last week? One week equals 168 hours some of which were much more important than others, some far better than others. Do you recall everything said in last weeks project meeting or only the bits you want to remember?

Meeting Minutes are not important for running a successful project they are essential.

Why? – Simple; to remind everybody involved about what was agreed, who was responsible for a certain action and what time frame they have to complete the action.


Meeting minutes also provide a consecutively numbered record of all the actions and promises that people make in the meetings, it’s a written diary of the events of the project planning and if your in charge of delivering the project its solid evidence of who said what and when. It can be your golden egg when the questions are asked about why something happened or why something was late being delivered. If you have kept good meeting minutes all the answers will be in them.


Minutes written by you and distributed in a timely manner will ensure everyone knows what was said, what was agreed and who is doing what. It’s the best way to provide an instant report to anyone up the line and the starting agenda for the next project meeting


To get you started and on the right track with your minute taking we have created a super simple template for you to download. Give it a go at your next meeting.