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A client contacted us looking for interior design work. Unfortunately the project fell outside the scope of our internal resources, so we referred them to a good designer we knew. However luckily enough for us, the client came back to us three months later with fully documented drawings and a scope of works to refurbish their newly leased premises.

A thorough review of all documentation was undertaken so that we were familiar with the site before inspecting it. Following this, a site inspection took place, revealing a few challenges. Next, a budget proposal was prepared for the client, followed by a discussion regarding alternative solutions for specific construction elements. Finally, a lump sum budget for construction was developed.

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The main challenge presented to us by this project was the existence of a painted black ceiling and lack of light fittings in the ceiling, providing a very dark work environment. Initially, the scope of the project required repainting of the ceiling tiles and grid from black to white. In principle, this was a great idea, however, from experience, we knew that painting ceiling tiles could cause problems for future access to services in the ceiling space.

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Our solution was to remove all existing ceiling tiles from the grid. Unfortunately, they could not be repurposed and had to be disposed of. We then spray painted the existing ceiling grid, allowing time for it to dry completely, before installing brand new acoustic ceiling tiles and new light fittings.

The resulting transformation was incredible. The long gun-barrelled premises with very little natural light was completely transformed with the addition of a white ceiling and new light fittings. The difference was remarkable and provided the client with a vibrant space to carry out their business.

This project is a testament to the fact that great results can be achieved in design and construction, no matter the building conditions, when teams come together and work as one.

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