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Medical and Dental Centres

We are a Sydney located, experienced Project Management Company with a nationwide database of known subcontract teams that have delivered over 75 medical centres to date. The increasing need for multi discipline health services within private medical practices demands that the turnkey delivery of the centre is built and delivered within the time frames required.

To ensure this, we have a complete understanding of the compliance requirements for authority approvals including parking spaces, disabled access, ramps signage and toilet facilities. We are also skilled in refurbishment techniques that allow practices to continue operation whilst under construction and ensure that there is no loss of service or revenue.



Our design professionals have detailed knowledge of operations and logistical needs that exceed minimum requirements of health department regulations and BCA guidelines. Understanding exactly how a consult room should be laid out for doctor’s welfare and workflow, what is required in a treatment room and the key location of a nurse’s station, functionality of a reception area and the need for chairs with and without arms.

Security requirements, panic alarms, vaccine fridges and drug safes – all the medical centre specific “little things” we know about. Modern day medical centres need to have operation efficiency and consult rooms need to be close to the patients. The need for allied health & pathology professionals to be integrated into the medical centre design model.



We work with your inhouse or associated specialist to ensure the integration of services during the construction phase. Weekly project meetings and reports will keep you up to date with progress on your projects. We have accounts with national medical equipment suppliers. Guaranteed quality end product that works as designed and will continue to work for the duration of the practice.

Phase 1: Understand the Brief/ Space Planning

Phase 2: Detail Design Development

Phase 3: Statutory Application & Approval

Phase 4: Practice Fitout

Phase 5: Occupation


Martin Fisher, Burgess Rawson

I have worked with George Gatt the principal of The Office Builders for over 25 years, and for five of those years as national property manager for a national medical centre operator. George and his team proved to be reliable, honest and capable of delivering numerous health care projects.

Over this time they built and completed over twenty two projects ranging from a full scope medical centre with over 14 consulting rooms to a single room refurbishment. Medical centres can be complex, but technical issues were always resolved to the clients

complete satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending them for further similar work.

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