Office Builders

Corporate Offices

This is our standard core business and what we do every day

Key Areas:

  • Quality of finish - This is achieved through the supply of materials sourced from our regular suppliers, who we know will only provide top quality items. Our team of tried and tested contractors know that only the best is expected from them and they pay attention to detail.

  • Working in occupied office - Many businesses cannot afford downtime for the refurbishment of their office space. In these instances we work with our client to carry out their works in stages, or outside normal business hours, to enable them to continue running their business without interruption and loss of revenue.

  • Time frame critical - “Time is money”, so it is in both the client’s and our interest to complete all projects within the specified time frame, or earlier if possible. This is most critical where clients have finalised their leases and must move into new premises on time and without penalty.