Office Builders

Education and Training

Catholic Education Organisation, Study Group, University of Technology Sydney   

Key Areas

  • Working with children checks – All works in schools and other facilities where there are children or teenagers require up to date Police Checks. We are able to supply the necessary Police Checks for all our personnel and contractors who would be working on these sites. Our personnel and contractors are also aware that they must not communicate or interact with children or teenagers on these sites.

  • Acoustic construction – Where acoustic insulation is required, and usually specified by the designer or architect, we install the necessary wall boarding and insulation to make compliant with the required acoustic insulation rating.

  • Restricted time frames for construction – working during holiday breaks - Where works are required during holiday breaks we arrange our construction schedule for the necessary materials and fittings to be manufactured and trades booked to enable the project to start and finish in the allocated time frame. We have  prior successful experience with this process.