Office Builders

Health Industry

Medical Centres, Dental Practices,  Specialist Health areas such as Dermatology and Hearing Specialists, Veterinary Clinics.

Key Areas

Plumbing – Services will be linked efficiently to any existing services or complete new services will be installed, all of which must comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Our team of Plumbers are compliant with all BCA and Work, Health & Safety (WHS) requirements and will provide the necessary documentation on completion of works.

Regulations around electricity – Our electricians are likewise fully compliant with the BCA and WHS. Their knowledge allows the best possible configurations for power, communications and data to be installed during the project to ensure that they are all in place and fully compliant, tried and tested prior to job completion. Again, they will provide the necessary documentation on completion of works.

Floor finishes – Once selections have been finalised and the premises ready for final finishing, our contractors will ensure the areas are free of debris and dust prior to laying of flooring and to ensure that they are clean and ready in time for final furnishing

Medical equipment – We have access to medical equipment suppliers if required to supply and install, or our client may wish to supply and have The Office Builders install various items of equipment. We are cognisant of most Medical Centre requirements and happy to work with our clients on this.