Office Builders
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Finding new premises is a project within a project and not something that can be done with a couple of clicks on Google. It’s a good starting point though, along with:

  • Driving around the area.
  • Using a commercial real estate agent.
  • Utilising a tenant representative.

Commercial real estate agents have a list of their clients’ particular stock properties that are on the market for lease and they act on their behalf whilst dealing with you.

Tenant Representatives provide an alternative that I believe is far more beneficial to you than going directly to an agent. ‘Tenant Reps’ as they are known are engaged by businesses to seek out and find the best property to suit their business needs. Based on a brief that you provide, the Rep will review the market, find several prospective premises and then negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal in the marketplace and that the building you move into has no foreseeable downsides.

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